game of thrones meme

so there are a lot of got memes going around whether it be for certain characters or certain seasons, so natasha and I decided to make a ~ whole ~ meme for you guys. enjoy!

one season
two creatures (magical or otherwise)
three deaths
four locations
five houses
six relationships
seven quotes
eight characters
nine moments
(ten) whatever your heart desires.

A bad combination in the dark → A Hannibal Playlist
Sinister Kid - The Black Keys / My Boy Builds Coffins - Florence & the Machine / Change - Deftones / Heat & Hot Water - Arms / Pet - A Perfect Circle / Closer - Kings of Leon / Shankill Butchers - The Decemberists / You Stole - Brand New / Hurricane - 30 Seconds to Mars / Paradise Circus - Massive Attack / 15 Step - Radiohead / Infra-Red - Placebo / Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation / Who Are You, Really? - Mikky Ekko / Killer - The Hoosiers

/not sure if heart attack or merlin feelings


#you’re my present this year

-What look?
-You’ll know when you see it.


“you have a beautiful complexion, what’s your secret?”

“i bathe in the blood of sam haters.”



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